Mark your calendars on April 17th, 2021 from 10 am - 12 pm Pitt Society of Women Engineers will be virtually hosting The SWENexter Experience!  We would like to invite all elementary, middle, and high schoolers to our event.  This event will be formatted in an engaging and fun workshop/conference style.  No matter the student's age they will be sure to have a great time learning about STEM and SWENext at this event.  We will be using break-out rooms to allow students to move from sessions.  To see more information about the sessions offered, the overall agenda, and to register please use the link below.  We also encourage you to share this event and the flyer attached with anyone you know.  This is a virtual event so they do not even have to be from the Pittsburgh area!
Register for the event now!
Please note The SWENexter Experience is PittSWE’s first-ever event focused on all things SWENext!  Come learn about a facet of SWE that students of all ages can participate in before college!  SWENext is a completely free program offered by societal SWE open to girls and boys in Elementary through High School.  We encourage that students sign up for SWENext before the event so that they can immediately take advantage of the information that we share, though registration is not mandatory.
Sign up for SWENext
No matter the student’s age use event code “PittSWE
·       "Join SWENext" Link for 13 years and older:
·       "Join SWENext" Link for under 13 years old:
·       Learn more about SWENext:
Whether this will be your student’s first encounter with SWENext, they have been signed up for a while and enjoy the newsletters, or they are ready to take the next step and start a club at their school, all students are welcome! No matter their exposure PittSWE would like to provide support in each level of their SWENext journey in order to allow them to have the best STEAM experience.